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The purpose of this site is to …

  • Offer free and paid resources for First Aid Courses globally. We firmly support the establishment of a worldwide standard for first aiders. Having such a standard will benefit the community, the trainers and those wonderful people who choose to help others during accidents and medical emergencies.
  • List free and paid courses offered by registered trainers wherever they may be. Whilst we understand that commercially available Senior First Aid training courses are a healthy necessity in our current society, we also believe that basic standard first aid techniques should be taught for free to adults and children alike. We believe that everyone should possess the skills to self-help and to save lives during a medical emergency or an accident. Such knowledge will empower people to react correctly during disasters and unexpected acts of terrorism. The need for such knowledge is extremely high during current times.
  • Help support and promote organizations that are actively supporting developing standards and improving the efficiency of techniques used in assisting others.

Supporting Those Involved in First Aid Courses

Why is training essential? Take a look at this excellent video from St. John.

If so we want to hear from you. No matter where you are in the world, if you are a recognized agency or qualified individual conducting first aid courses please send us an article about your involvement in the industry. Please include an article (Word or Rich Text), images and video clips (YouTube videos are the best) and we will be happy to feature your activities for free on this site.


First Aid Courses – Australian Resources

The Australian Resuscitation Council is one of the world’s most proficient organization offering free guidelines, resources and supporting material. Without them this site could not exist. We encourage all our international visitors to take a look at their site and download their free publications.

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Australian Nationally Recognized Standards For First Aid Courses

This site will list the most up-to-date standards governing the delivery of nationally recognized courses. Such standards ensure that all Australian course participants receive the latest and most appropriate knowledge and skills.

This ensures that, irrespective of who delivers the training, the competency outcome will always be of the same standard.

Australia is a leading country offering quality vocational, adult education programs including diploma level qualifications. Many international student enrol in Australian face-to-face or online classes. Visit the Australian Government Site to view the current standards set for first aid training and assessment programs.


Organizations delivering nationally recognized first aid courses

There are many registered training organizations offering nationally recognised training programs.

  • The Red Cross Australia. The Red Cross conducts Red Cross First Aid Training and Red Cross CPR Classes and Senior First Aid Classes world wide. Visit the official Red Cross website in your country for more information. For a list of training programs near you visit their website and enter your postcode.


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